Word to HTML Conversion

WordHTML CV is an open source software funded by Technoriver that converts MS word documents into HTML files. You will be able to publish system requirements, technical manuals or other documentation to the web with no prior knowledge of HTML.

Using WordHTML CV is very easy. You drag and drop Word documents into WordHTML CV and wait for the conversion to complete. The converted files will be placed in a folder next to the original document.

Open Source

WordHTML CV is free and completely open source. You can inspect and modify its source if the existing implementation is not enough. The core conversion engine is written in VB Script and can be easily modified by users familiar with MS Word Macros.

Planned Features of the next version

  • Multi Page HTML
  • Template Engine

Download WordHTML CV here. Source Code available

Upgrade to the Paid Version

An improved version of the Word To HTML Converter is available as an Add-In for Word 2007 / 2010 at the Word To HTML Conversion page.

The upgrade (paid version) supports advanced features like the splitting of documents and formatting of pages with a custom template.