RSS 14 Barcode (Reduce Space Symbology)

RSS 14 barcode (Reduce Space Symbology) encodes the full 14-digit EAN.UCC item identification in a symbol that can be omnidirectionally scanned by suitably configured point-of-sale laser scanners. It is the latest barcode types for space-constrained identification from EAN International and the Uniform Code Council, Inc.. RSS barcodes have been identified to target the grocery industry and in healthcare, where items are too small to allow for other barcode symbologies.

RSS Limited

RSS Limited encodes a 14-digit EAN.UCC item identification with Indicator digits of 0 or 1 in a small symbol that will not be scanned at the point of sale.

RSS Stacked

RSS-14 Stacked is a RSS-14 Truncated two-row formats. The top row is 5X high and the bottom row is 7X high with a 1X high separator pattern between the two rows. RSS Stacked Omnidirectional is a full height RSS-14 two row format. A 3X high separator patternseparate the symbol rows.


Stacked Omnidirectional

RSS Truncated

RSS-14 Truncated is structured and encoded the same as the standard RSS-14 format, except its height is reduced to a 13X minimum. It may be used for small items, instead of RSs Limited, when an Indicator digit greater than one is required. It is designed to be read by scanners such as wands, handheld lasers, and linear and CCD scanners. It cannot be read efficiently by omnidirectional slot scanners.

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