Micro PDF417 Barcode

Micro PDF417 barcode is a multi-row symbology that is used by applications that require a minimized symbol size and moderate amount of data. It is a two dimensional symbol that supports up to 150 bytes, 250 alphanumeric characters or 366 numeric digits.

Micro PDF417 barcode is very similar to PDF417 except that it provides a limited set of symbol sizes. For each symbol size, a fixed level of error correction is supported. All the specified symbols support at least 28% of error correction codewords.

Each Micro PDF417 symbol consists of a stack of vertically aligned rows supporting one, two, three or four columns. A minimum of 4 rows and a maximum of 44 rows is supported. Unlike PDF417 which uses Start and Stop patterns, Micro PDF417 uses patterns call Row Address Patterns. These patterns are placed at the left and right of each row.


Micro PDF417 supports the following encodation:

  • Text Compaction - Supports all printable ASCII characters.
  • Byte Compaction - Supports all possible 256 8-bit byte values.
  • Numeric Compaction - Supports efficient encoding of numbers.

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