ISSN Barcode (International Standard Serial Numbering Barcode)

The ISSN is the standardized international code, which identifies any serial publication independently of its country of origin, its language or alphabet, or its frequency, medium, etc. ISSN barcode symbols begin with "977" followed by the first seven characters of the ISSN. The last character in the symbol is a check character, which is generated.

The ISSN consists of two groups of four digits as shown above, separated by a hyphen. The eighth character is a check digit calculated base on the 7 preceding digits according to a modulo 11 algorithm. To calculate the check digit multiply the last digit of the true number by 2, the second to the last by 3 etc. and sum these results. The number needed to fill this sum to the next multiple of 11 is the check digit. If it is 10, the check digit is replaced by the letter 'X'.

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