HIBC Barcode (Health Care Industry Barcode)

The HIBC Barcode (Health Industry Bar Code) is created specially for the health industry. Healthcare products have special human safety requirements, are routinely monitored by government regulators, and are often “purchased” indirectly (through insurance claims) for patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. As a result, labels must be as error-free as possible, must contain additional information, and must satisfy greater needs than those commonly found in point-of-sale environments such as grocery check-out counters.

By utilizing the HIBC format, manufacturers and distributors are meeting these requirements while simultaneously using the system which best suits their own internal needs.

HIBC barcode builds traceability out of the primary data segment and the secondary segment. The Primary and Secondary data can be encoded in one symbol(see the image above) or two separate symbols. The HIBC format encodes a "+“ always as the recognized identifier of the HIBC Data Structure.

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