Data Matrix Barcode

Data Matrix barcode is a two-dimensional matrix symbology which is made up of square modules arranged within a perimeter finder pattern. There are two types : ECC 000-140 with several available levels of convolutional error correction and ECC 200 which uses Reed-Solomon error correction. For new applications, ECC 200 is recommended.

Each Data Matrix barcode symbol consists of data regions, which contain nominally square modules set out in a regular array. In larger ECC 200 symbols, data regions are separated by alignment patterns. The data region is surrounded by a finder pattern. Data Matrix supports both square and rectangle shape symbol.

Error Correction

Data Matrix barcode has a high level of redundancy with the data and error detection and correction bits interleaved uniformly throughout the symbol. The size of the symbol determines the level of error detection and correction.

Emerging Trends

Data Matrix has also been widely used in consumers mobile phones(with camera) to automate the process of keying in the URL to the surf the web.

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