Curve Text Hype

Curve Text Hype is a cool graphics generator that warps text on a top and bottom curve using advanced algorithms. It includes special interpolation techniques such as Geometric and Harmonic functions to give the curve text a PERSPECTIVE look, with one end appearing thicker than the other. Coupled with an extremely easy to use What-You-See-is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) user interface for adjusting the curve path, you can use the app to create very beautiful, artistic, lively, interesting and unusual text images. The app curves text on any type of fonts, including international type fonts, and supports stacked text and text symbols.

Besides generating an image for sharing, the app can also generate extremely optimized Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) through Curve Regression (or Curve Fitting) and Output Scaling. The SVG curve text vector can be incorporated into many vector graphics, web, painting, and printing applications.

Sample SVG produced by CurveTextHype

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