Code 128 Barcode

Code 128 not only gives you the ability to encode all 128 ASCII characters, when encoding numbers only, it can actually encode them more densely than other barcodes. It is commonly used for certain shipping labels, primarily as defined by the Uniform Code Council in their UCC-128 shipping container bar coding standard. Code 128 supports three character sets and they can be summarized as follows:

  • Code 128 A - The Full ASCII set, except for the 26 lower case letters.
  • Code 128 B - The Full ASCII set, except for the 26 "control" characters.
  • Code 128 C - Double-density numeric. This character set is numeric-only, but any one character actually represents two digits.

Check Character

The check character is a Modulus 103 Checksum that is calculated by summing the barcode start code value plus the product of each character position (the most significant character position equals 1) with the character value of the character at that position. This total is divided by 103 and the remainder of the answer is the value of the Check Character. Every encoded character is included except for the Stop and Check Character.

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