Circular Barcode

A circular barcode is an extremely popular barcode used by VCD/DVD retailers for tagging their items. The barcode is made up of a series of concentric circles and is typically based on a standard barcode symbology like I2of5. The barcode is thus readable by the same devices used to read traditional barcodes.

Advantages of Circular Barcode

  • The circular barcode can be scanned from any angle. The reading is not influenced by the orientation of the symbol.
  • The barcode can be used to label cd-roms and DVDs, which require a perfect balancing for the label.
  • The redundancy in information ensures a good reading in every case, even if the surface is partially damaged.

The usage of circular barcodes for labeling CD-ROMS and DVDs in particular is important. The DVDs, for example, can be printed on both sides, leaving very little space for marking. Neverthless, it is necessary for DVD rental to identify the disc both for automation and to avoid frauds.

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