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Free Barcode Software Component / Free Barcode SDK

Technoriver Free Barcode Software

This is a free barcode software that allows you to easily add Code39 and I2of5 bar codes to Windows documents like those from WordPad, Word and Excel. It is the free Edition of SmartCodeComponent.


This barcode software component is available without any restrictions for personal use and for organizations that are non-profit or educational in nature.

For commercial organizations, the following conditions applies.
  • Each company is only allowed to install 1 copy of the free component.
  • Printing is restricted to less than 200 barcodes.
Any other use requires the purchase of SmartCodeComponent or the purchase of an add-on barcode(more details can be found in the software).

Download the Free Barcode Software Component here!

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TechnoRiverStudio (v8.0) - New!
TechnoRiverStudio is an industry-leading barcode and labeling software that supports modern barcodes. This version provides a completely new look and feel with the latest Office 2013 style ribbon and sliders.

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SmartCodeComponent (v4.2)
SmartCodeComponent is the professional version of the TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software. It allows you to easily add professional quality barcodes to Office documents like those from Word and Excel. It supports a large number of barcode symbologies and exposes a full range of barcode properties. With this release, advanced users will find it easier to automate the generation of barcodes within Excel using several new methods that are exposed to VBA.

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TechnoRiverStudio is  one of the most innovative and   productive label design and print tools available. It is currently being used by many Fortune 500 companies including hospitals, universities, manufacturers, retailers, municipalities, and government institutions in many different countries around the world.

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